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Offline Wonderful Dashboard

Don't go thinking that your clients get all the eye candy and top features. free billing software user interface the part you work with all the time is designed to make invoicing fast, efficient, and easy on the eyes. There's a reason more than one million Indian businesses trust Fortune billing software from start-up to grown-up, our products will scale with you. the fortune is simple enough for freelancers, yet powerful for small businesses that need additional features. Even if you are not interested in our billing software don't miss to check out most advanced features.

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5 Step Business Management


Being able to bill for your products and services is an integral part of your business and a great way to drive sales. Fortune Billing Software lets you sell your products and services offline, generate invoices, and send them to your clients without hassle. Use this free billing software to grow your sales.

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Fortune Billing Software helps you keep up with the number of your customers and is flexible enough to grow with you as your customers grow. Keep track of every sale you make Outstanding, payments, invoices, quotations, cheque alerts and easily follow up with your existing customers. Keep them impressed with professional invoices and an efficient tracking method.

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Whether you have a single product or multiple products and services, Fortune inventory management software helps you keep up with your inventory. Banish the stress of keeping up with your inventory and enjoy a seamless way of Stock tracking, reorder level, barcode, serial number your inventory levels. Stay on top of your sales, orders, and deliveries as well.

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Take care of purchasing, billing, and customer management with our intuitive software. Our friendly interface makes it easy to automate the purchase process of your business for speedy growth. You can easily handle processes like purchasing, returns, supplier account inventory management, retail payments, and customer management with our easy to use offline billing software.

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Our robust staff management software helps you to stay on top of your everyday tasks and manage your staff. The innovative biometric staff attendance feature makes it easy to keep track of the days that members of your team are absent. It also has a payroll feature to help manage staff salaries, commission.

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Save Time with an Accounting Software that’s Easy to Use

Fortune Billing Management software is amazingly easy to use. The intuitive interface is user-friendly and designed to give you a seamless experience that saves you loads of time. Send out professional looking invoices that are automatically generated and impress your clients in the process. Scale and grow your business with our free billing software for your inventory and accounting management.

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Enjoy Incredible User Experience and Customer Support with our FREE Billing Software

With Fortune Billing Software, you can enjoy peace of mind with our exceptional customer support. Built with you in mind, we created it to work effortlessly on your android device. With free updates and free support, you can relax and focus on building your business. Our user encryption ensures that your data safety is guaranteed. Grow your business in the Fortune way.

POS Billing Software Lets You Automate Your Business with its Powerful Features

No matter what industry you work in, Fortune Billing software gives you the power to run your business from anywhere. Our powerful features work perfectly for retail businesses. Use our versatile tracking and inventory software to take away the stress from distribution. Set your manufacturing business on autopilot with our inventory software and effortlessly create your work orders and bill of materials.

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Awesome Features

Start using Fortune billing software which comes with best in world-class advance features to help your business grow.

Offline Desktop Application

We offer an offline desktop application. So, you don’t need to have an Internet connection to work with the multi-core business engine to boost your productivity, handle all your finances. Free billing software can even be used for research and development, analysis and insight generation while accessing the offline desktop application. The app is user-friendly and easy to use.

Print multi-size invoices

As per your requirement, you can print invoices of varied sizes and designs.Supporting GST/Non-GST multi-size of invoice templates that prints out in A4, A5, and POS receipts, send your invoices immediately to your clients today. Thanks to our software, you won’t have to use other applications to resize your receipts. Our Dual Channel Printing Engine generates at the rate between 2 to 10 invoices per second.

Barcode scanner for quick billing

We offer a barcode scanner that will help you to bill your clients quickly. we design our software to be compatible with all plug n play barcode scanners in the market so you can use them for any purpose like inventory management or billing according to your business requirements. We need to be quick executors and establish the base for user-friendly services from our or our client’s end. The barcode scanning feature supports this goal due to providing faster hassle-free checkout and automatic updating of the database.

Generate Invoice in a click

Thanks to the simple interface of our software, you can generate an invoice and send it to your client within seconds. Once fortune billng system has details such as product purchased or services offered, it automatically picks up information such as date, the price of the product, invoice number and the relevant GST tax bracket. A single click on the “Generate Invoice” tab should do the job.

GST Tax Invoice

We have a GST law compliant system. So, you can leave all your tax issues for us. Available to generate multi-rates and multi-item invoices, GST Billing Software allows you to manage and create tax invoices immediately.

Manage client accounts

Our billing software allows you to arrange and compile all the client's data in one place making sure you can have access to it anytime. With the help of our software, you can organize all the data like account balance, account history, invoices and quotations and Cheque Alerts. Providing Freedom to set their credit limit, generate payment receipts from a specific client and one place to ensure optimal client relationship. The dashboard is easy to navigate around.

Supports POS Printers

Our invoices are compatible with any PoS printer available in the market in India. So, you can print different sized invoices/thermal receipt and send them to your customers. Adapting to your competitor’s speed and performance level is what keeps you on par with fellow businessmen. Fortune Billing Software provides a real-time point of sale billing software that automates and records all the nitty-gritty involved during sales. Providing you with the freedom to print receipts up to 2 to 4 inches. With our dual speed features, our POS billing software can produce up to 45 receipts per minute.

Track your inventory

Fortune Inventory Management Software tracks your inventory and reminds you about low stock, stock availability, product movement, and cost-profit analysis. Giving you the option to combine these features into a singular multiple inventory report allowing you to make better business decisions. So, thanks to our inventory software, you will know when to order the next stock.The need to call your office boys or warehouse managers for inventory information has now been eliminated. Simple open the Billing application or desktop software and head to the inventory tab to get a detailed analysis of your catalog situation.

Create multi-size barcodes

You can create different sized barcodes. You will not have to use a separate application for generating a different sized barcode. our billing software that allows you to generate multiple barcodes at the same time that can be auto-saved. Simplifying your stock take-off process. Our advanced algorithm can detect most scanners saving you up to 27% of the usual time.

GST Tax calculations

GST tax calculations can be a headache for many business owners and freelancers. Thanks to FBS, you can calculate it easily. No more hiring of financial advisors and GST tax consultants. You can use our technology to constantly generate the complicated tax-related queries within your yearly tax reports and financial company records.

Detailed Business reports

Our Accounting Software can generate 200+ different business reports, giving you the ability to customize Inventory, GST Tax, and more making it easier to make business decisions while following with audit regulation.Our multi-core high-end data engine is built to generate detailed business reports. Whether in the staff performance sector, financial goals sector or even lead generation sector as per location, age and time of the year.

Biometric Staff Attendance

Our billing software features one of the best and India's most simple automated biometric-based attendance system that will autonomously record the working hours and calculate salaries.Track your employee attendance without having to check attendance journals and files. Use this data to accurately decide who deserves a bonus and whether lack of attendance is the cause for a lower work ethic within a specific group of employees.

Manages Staff Salary

Tired of keeping monthly excel sheets and registers regarding staff payment. We give you the liberty to be free from salary calculations as our billing software will calculate the salaries, commissions, ledgers, and incentives of staff automatically for you and You can make all your HR decisions on the basis of the biometric attendance record.

SMS and Email Support

Are you in a situation where you need to urgently send out some business-related information such as discounts, new services or offers that will attract more clients? We provide SMS and Email support to let you send out timely alerts to all your clientele or sections in specific. You will find an integrated system that can send up to fifty emailed per minute. Built-in Advanced Dual Channel SMS Server that is Queue Enabled, supporting most Email Servers. Having the ability to send up to 50 SMS per second, your business employees will always be up-to-date and have better communication with your clients.

Automatic Data Backup

We understand the sensitivity and importance of your data and ensure you are always safe with our automated cloud data backup that comes with multi-location support and high-end encryption to ensure your data safety. fortune billing software is well aware of the immense potential that each business’s data possesses. Any loss of data can lead to hours or even days of unwarranted and lost work. Our automatic data backup cancels out such possibilities.

Bill of Supply

Creating new financial records such as GST Tax Invoice or bill of supply. We have developed different kinds of templates, advanced design and are designed to conform to Indian rules. Fortune offline software now has full support for billing, for any company that falls under the composition scheme.

Point of Sale

POS billing software comes in a complete package consisting of all our software and backend linking to the required sheets. Now any transaction made between a merchant and a customer is recorded, managed and taken care of by our POS systems. Automated barcode scanning with tax abiding necessities in combination with instant bill generation whether online or offline and irrelevant of the location – yes, this is all possible.

Import Export Your Data

You can export all your data to PDF software and MS Excel. Export your data from the software to PDF/EXCEL format, making it easier to send or use from future reference. import and export your existing client & product data from an Excel file. Just use the built-in import wizard. No need to go through the struggle of converting files to PDF or Excel for various employees within departments. fortune billing software gives a pop up as to which file type you require to be sent – then the rest is taken care of.

Generate GSTR reports

You can use our GST tax system to instantly generate GSTR reports that comply with the Government of India. Formats including GSTR-1, and GSTR-3B are supported. Because we have access to your sales, purchases, expenditure and financial records – in monthly, quarterly and yearly formats, it becomes a whole lot simpler to generate GSTR reports to disclose outgoing supply details within the required period of time.

Automated Reminders

Our innovative recall system allows you to set regular or repeated reminders so you never forget something important Rather than having to mentally worry about deadlines, product releases, goal achievements, and crucial reminders, you can simply open the software to have a look at all your business parameters, assignments, updates, and goals.

Android Application

We offer a free Android app as well. So, all your data will be available to you at your fingertips. You can use it anywhere you want. Keep your Billing Software Management mobile. See your business activity on your phone, including monthly and daily sales, payments, purchases, expenses, and staff attendance figures. Whether you are traveling or on vacation or even attending important events, our Android application gives you hands-on access to respond to your business data.

Banking Account

Fortune will manage all your accounts and bank transactions. You will be able to keep track of your money in one place. Whether you have large sums of money transacted inwards or outwards, automated payments for commissions and salaries, our software keeps you in the loop at all times. It is compatible with the GST law so you will not have to worry about your tax issues either.


Fortune billing software will manage all your manufacturing details. The supplier ledger will tell you about what is short in supply and what is short in demand. So, you can make all your manufacturing decisions based on this information.Our billing software also offers a manufacturing management system. You can use it to keep track of all your manufacturing needs. It will be integrated with your inventory and payment system as well. We believe in providing our customers a comprehensive database of their manufacturer’s progression and track records related to their units produced, production bill of material, finished goods and mange inventory automatically. Compare your range of manufacturers in terms of their delivery and sales performance and make wiser decisions.

Business Analysis

Fortune billing software will offer a detailed analysis of every aspect of your business. You can download detailed profit and loss reports to see how your business is progressing over a time period.Those days of analyzing complex excel workbooks have passed. Our intelligent and innovative systems are designed to churn out various analytical methodologies which can benefit a business to understand their client’s requirement, response and optimize their workflow.

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What's included in the free version of FBS

Download FBS latest version from anywhere, and it's free. Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Free Updates

Fortune billing Software comes with regular free updates without any cost or need of having to manually search an update request. The moment internet connectivity is detected, our offline billing software connects to our server and distributes specialized updates. Each business can also put forth their specific requirements in terms of additional features and tools. Once you have partnered with us, expect a lifetime load of free updates.

Free Support

Our exquisite customer services are there to assist you anytime. Whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, we are here to help you out. We are available 24/7. If you need any help regarding the software or you have any complaints, you can fill in the form and contact us. Our representative will reach out to you, and provide you the needed assistance.

Data Safety

We understand that the data you enter is very sensitive. Your customers and employers trust you with their information. FBS makes sure that your information is safe with a secure database. It allows you to view all your finances and transactions anytime you want. If you accidentally lose the data on your PC, the Fortune Billing Software will save the day with back up.

About Us

Since 2002, we at Fortune Billing Software Inc.(FBS) have met tens of thousands of traders and business startup owners who are aiming for the same goal – earn more profit in all their business deals. Through our software and services, we are able to provide satisfaction to all our clients. Our products such as free billing, accounting software and inventory software has catered and contributed so much to small businesses and start-ups

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15 May

So easy to use

Quick, easy and simple to use and keep track of invoices

Ramesh Reddy


15 April

So easy to use

So easy to use, fast and follow up by the FBS team if there are any problems

Nitya Shah


04 April

So easy to use

Easy to use. A boon for startups and freelancers.

Pawan Das


03 May

So easy to use

Good Billing Software but could do with a few more features and a bit better presentation.

Abhiskhe Gupta

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