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Customer Experience

Ajay Patel

Just Now

Great user friendly platform

Hitech BillSoft is: 1. User friendly 2. Supportive 3. Easy to integrate 4. The only invoicing app you should consider! hitech helped me get invoices out when my other invoicing software failed me miserably. i am never going to make that mistake again!

Customer Experience

Pep Bahareh

1 day ago

Value for money

It manages my staff so well, now I do not have to worry about their late comings, attendance.

Customer Experience

Amit Sing

2 days ago

'Ease of use'

one click invoice solves my every evening rush hour problem. I shocked to learn that we can generate invoice in a second

Customer Experience

Kajal Verma

3 day ago

Customer support

I am a retail trader and cannot afford to hire an accountant. After start using Fortune I can manage my business so well/p>

Customer Experience

Sumit Kumar

5 days ago

Top class

Using Hitech invoicing software means less time on accounts and more time doing the teaching I love. The software helps me prepare professional accounts for my customers and keep track of my invoices.

Customer Experience

Priya Shaha

6 days ago

Easy to use...and free..!...

Excellent service - works well offline. Ease of use and simplicity in an invoicing software.

Customer Experience

Trusted Customer

10 days ago

Excellent Invoice creating.....

I had no idea how to do an invoice before Hitech Billing software - it's very simple and looks so professional!

Customer Experience

Ramesh Benajee

10 days ago

Free Lifetime.....

“I could not believe when I stumbled upon this software. I was like ‘FREE for life? Yeah right, what is the catch…’ At first I was dubious about it until I read their story. Then I was like ‘wow’!”

Customer Experience

Sonal jain

11 days ago

I had never prepared an invoice in my…

I had never prepared an invoice in my life but thank goodness for Fortune! It couldn't be easier and I am very very happy with it.

Customer Experience

Devit disoja

11 days ago

So easy to use

So easy to use, fast and follow up by the Hitech team if there are any problems

Customer Experience

Pep Bahareh

15 days ago


very good Software. i am going to use it for my professional work. and, soon will also be purchasing the license. please make sure it is freely avalible for everyone. it is very good. and, surely gona purchase a license.

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