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After setup file download completes, double click on the downloaded file at the bottom of browser. When Security warning appears, click Run

Step 1

Follow few more steps to complete installation and start using Billsoft. In case of Windows 7 installer needs to restart to complete the process.

Step 1

Find BillSoft shortcut on your desktop and click on it to start the application.Free 24/7 Customer Technical Support +91-6262-2727-01

Step 1

How can I purchase billing software license?

Just go to our pricing page, select the business version, fill out the purchase form and you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can use your debit / credit card and net banking to pay. You'll get a confirmation email with your license keys after successful completion of the payment. Alternatively you can contact our resellers to purchase it offline.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes! Actually, satisfying our customers who use our free / paid versions of Fortune Billing Software t is our top priority. We do our best to provide you with most innovative and optimized billing software developed after years of R&D. We invest heavily in keeping our technology free of bugs and free from crashes.

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