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Our motto is to help our clients optimize the workflow of their businesses, whether it is related to mandatory day-to-day, monthly or even hourly tasks. We have formulated and engineered our algorithm to automatically provide our clients with detailed reports regarding different departments of their businesses. Once we collaborate and become partners, you can spend the better half of your valuable time on tasks that are of immediate importance. You will find ample vacancy on the upper end of your priority lists and this gives way to begin to concentrate on how to expand your ongoing business.

All your data related to accounts, salaries, sales, expenditures, commissions, etc. are constantly being tracked and calculated by our software. Each and every item in your warehouse or your digital inventory is being monitored to give you live updates and the ability to respond efficiently to your clients. Combining all this with our invoicing prowess that includes tax calculation, credits, discounts, and other bill-related add-ons, gives you the opportunity to save up a substantial chunk of money for allocating separate teams to manage these activities.

It does not matter to us whether you are a user of our software or a reseller of our software, as long as we encourage and initiate collaborations, we are following a part of our goal.

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The FBS Partner Program is an initiative that recognizes your skill, experience and actions to achieve your clients success.
Join FBS Reseller Program and resell FBS Software with 40% discount.

Business training and support

Free access to training for you and your customers on FBS Essentials, Account Right and dozens of other products and services.

High conversion rates

Get a dedicated web page and quickly turn your traffic into sales, thanks to some of the industry's highest conversion rates.

Marketing Materials Provided

Our marketing department can provide Promotional schemes and leads Display or Facebook banners, Videos, newsletter templates, live event posters and more.

Qualified support team

Exclusive access to our team of expert Partner Managers by phone , email or online whenever you need it.

Commissions and Rebates

we are happy to work with you offering 40% commission. The more you sell, the more you will earn. we will contact you and give additional bonus.

Allowed to sale at your price

you buy the licenses from us at a lower cost and can sell with whatever markup you prefer.

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Join an active online learning community to share information and resources that will help you stay ahead.

Secure your future

Our product ranges work across verticals and enterprises. Its life-cycle is endless as it constantly evolves to fit business needs.

Grow your network

Providers of high quality solutions that develop with rising customer needs are building their own ecosystem to expand.

FBS is here to help you help your clients

Be first to know

As a partner we tell you first about new releases, updates to current products and developments in the technologies we use.

We’re working when you are

Get the support you need, when you need it. You’ll have access to a team of skilled Partner Managers who you can contact by phone, email or online.

More opportunities for business

Becoming a partner opens up a whole new world of potential customers and opportunities.

More than 1 Million+ satisfied usersRunning in more than 295 cities Available in 75 countriesAward winning support 24x7

Reseller Program Details

Join FBS Reseller Program

If you would like your company to be considered as a partner of FBS, please fill out this form with as much detail as possible.We will process the form within 24 hours, and prepare a dedicated "Reseller Order URL" and You will be contacted by a Partnerships Manager once your application has been reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What our partners say

The greatest benefit of FBS is the visualized dashboard. It takes only a few clicks to see exactly what you need in detail.


Payal rathi

Chief Executive Officer, Xenium Tech

great service and basic product that lets you start up easily - then add to as your business grows. Recommend.


Sameer Dixit

Chief Executive Officer, Redbok

"Partnering with Fortune has provided me the opportunity to grow my own business, support local small business "


John Doe

Chief Executive Officer, Orange

Why do I need an billing software?

If you own a business that sells products, then you must give your customers a bill / invoice, track the inventory, and keep a tab on your profits and accounts to consider how much money you earn every month. You can do all this using our billing software and tighten your hold on your business and make your clients look more professional.

Does your billing software supports GST?

Because our billing program is completely GST compliant with GST approved by the Government of India. Fortune billing software supports all GST features such as GSTIN, HSN / SAC Code, CGST, SGST, IGST and GSTR reports such as GSTR-1, GSTR-3B. GSTR reports can be mailed directly to your auditor from the application.

How can I purchase billing software license?

Just go to our pricing page, select the business version, fill out the purchase form and you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can use your debit / credit card and net banking to pay. You'll get a confirmation email with your license keys after successful completion of the payment. Alternatively you can contact our resellers to purchase it offline.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes! Actually, satisfying our customers who use our free / paid versions of Fortune Billing Software t is our top priority. We do our best to provide you with most innovative and optimized billing software developed after years of R&D. We invest heavily in keeping our technology free of bugs and free from crashes.