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Eco-invoicing—The Green Way

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Why should I switch to EcoInvoicing with Fortune?

The shipping of paperwork is an unnecessary exploitation of environmental resources for you and your clients:

It absorbs personal resources-sending, addressing, shipping, queuing at the post office and transportation of documents

If you switch to e-invoicing, your business can save an estimated 1,5 ₹ from each invoice

Time consumes. After switching, your business can reduce processing times by 80 percent.

Traditional invoicing raises the risk of record loss and recall problems

Paper invoices provide an additional need for archiving documents

Access to paper invoices is not unrestricted and requires extra effort

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Go Green

In a world where global warming is one of the most serious issues, it is time that you play your part in saving the trees. The easiest way is to switch to Eco-Invoicing with Free Billing Software.

Waste of Resources

From printing the invoices to sending them to the clients, paper invoicing can take up a lot of resources. Eliminate paper invoices and reduce the cost of printing and electricity.

So, whichever aspect you consider, Eco-Invoicing has benefits for you and your company.

Save Trees, Save Money

Shift to Eco-Invoicing and save the trees. Not just that, you will also cut down the costs of printing and purchasing the paper. Imagine the amount of money your business can save up yearly.

Furthermore, going green will give a positive image of your brand in the marketplace.

Save Time

Thanks to Eco-Invoicing, you can save a lot of time. Switch to Eco-Invoicing and save 80% time spent in filing and printing.

Say Bye to Losing Records

Keeping track of your paperwork is not easy! There is a risk of losing your previous records. With Eco-Invoicing, there is no worry, no filing, no photocopies, no archiving.

Take Step Now!

Smart businesses are shifting to Eco-Invoicing. JOIN the smart idea of going paperless and save time and money with Hitech Free Billing Software.


INSPIRE others and be the business that makes change the world. Let us save the planet together and join TODAY to save environmental resources.

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