Why is offline Invoicing Software better than online Invoicing Software?

Published May 10, 2020 By Priyanka Deshmukh

Billing systems are essential for any business. A valid invoice system ensures seamless transactions and also keeps a record of all sales for any future reference. With business models upgrading themselves every day, it is essential to update the billing systems as well. Many businesses are switching to billing software for managing their payments. However, it is always better to upgrade the good old offline invoice software with a change in infrastructure and resources.

The offline billing systems have loads of benefits over the free billing software that most organizations are using these days in terms of security, feasibility, and cost. It is always a good idea to keep the matters of money in your hand instead of software that runs on codes. Humans understand the value of money more than softwares can, and this very idea makes offline billing a more convincing system for a business than any GST billing software.

Bitan the SaaS business model.

The benefits of offline billing are countless; from offering a better control on finances to being a more transparent system; offline billing any day makes a business person feel at peace about his/her finances.

Trustworthy: Businessmen worldwide count on offline payment methods like cheques. Age old methods like wires and cheques will always be calculated safe and reliable by both money senders and receivers. There is an assurance that comes with written documents and billing which softwares cannot give. Nothing digital can replace cheques. Most businesses you want to associate with also prefer the traditional methods like bank wire and cheques for the billing part of the business. It helps in long-term business when you are on the same page with your vendors or clients in terms of the preferred billing method.

A direct method: Offline billing methods do not involve any dependency on factors like internet or technology devices. It is a hand-to-hand process and requires an original signature for authorization, and it's done. Billing softwares are dependent on operators and network connectivity to function. A bad day for the internet and the entire billing system comes to a standstill. Enterprises find offline billing methods more reliable than online GST billing software that can fail due to no human error at all. Sometimes the reason for such failures remain undetected and can end up causing a severe loss for the organization. A direct method of billing also provides a sense of security to both parties as they have control over the transaction physically with no delays in terms of payment, deductions, or deposits.

Transparency: Offline billing comes with transparency that no billing software can give. The bill payer and receiver both are available at the same spot or is done using a cheque which is authorized by one of the parties. The physical nature of offline billing makes it a transparent means of transaction. The offline receipts also give confidence to the payer to check with the status of the orders on the grounds of the presence of the receipt. The security that comes along with the transparency offered by offline bill payment is something that no business or individual would want to compromise on. There is no identity confusion regarding who made the payment, which bank account was used to make the payment and to whom the bank account belonged to. Offline billing requires physical presence or signature of the person who is authorizing a transaction. Transparency is something that comes guaranteed with offline billing systems.

Easy to monitor: Offline billing is easy to control as the money, receipt, and the parties involved are all physically present. The cash, receipts, and all other paper works involved are monitored physically. Sorting the paperwork materially reduces the chances of error. One can double check the counts on their own to ensure there is no error in the process. In case there is any mistake, one can detect it quickly and standard errors can be fixed up manually and won't require any software expert to identify and fix it. This reduces the involvement of third parties who are not part of the business. Offline billing like payment by posts is still very popular because the money reaches the receiver directly and can be tracked easily.

Minimal chances of fraud: Offline billing systems are not as vulnerable to fraud as most billing softwares are. With cybercrime on the rise, hackers are coming up with new technology every day to take over online billing software. Such situations can drive a business into significant loss, which sometimes even affects the reputation of the organization. Opting for a GST Billing Software exposes the organization to the risk of being a victim of cybercrime. Physical billing reduces the chances of fraud. It involves a small set of people, and even if there is a fraud happening, it can be detected and solved within the organization as there are only a few people who are part of the system.

No privacy and identity theft: When two parties are using online invoice software, they are letting out much information out on the internet. This leads to severe privacy issues and may also lead to identity theft. Identity theft can easily happen due to the personal details of the sender and receiver that go out into the worldwide web. Offline billing requires similar information, but the information lies safely in closed files in lockers. Anyone with excellent internet skills cannot access offline information reducing the risk of online identity theft. Offline billing systems guarantee the privacy of the transactions.

No payment faults: Online billing systems bring in many flaws like the payment being stuck in the gateway and not reaching the recipient's account. In such cases sometimes the money may remain stuck in the portal for 10-15 days with no definite explanation. All that one can do is wait for the cash to get refunded to the sender's account. These kinds of mishaps stall the business process. If it's a matter of a significant amount of money, it can cause severe stress to both the sender and receiver. The usage of Hitech BillSoft is simple and has no such chances of money being stuck in a virtual network at the mercy of operators or softwares which do not realize the value of money and your business.

Offline billing systems still rule the business world!

Offline billing systems do have some limitations. Unline online billing systems, offline billing systems are limited to individual timelines and do not work 24*7. However, still, people in business worldwide prefer the offline way to avoid frauds and run hassle-free business. It has been working for businesses worldwide for thousands of years and continues to do the same. Online invoice softwares have brought in speed and feasibility, but the risks they carry are not worth implementation of the same. With debit and credit card scams becoming so popular, and so many devices replicating online bills and transactions, offline billing systems are like a blessing to business even in the digital era. In the year 2017, one out five people have lost money to imposter scams, and more than 2.7 million online frauds have been reported worldwide. In the year 2018, 63% of businesses experienced more online frauds than ever.

The numbers have increased over time and will continue to, and it does sound a bad idea to switch to free billing software to manage your finances. If you want to run a business and increase it with peace of mind, offline billing is the best. Also, GST billing software can be expensive in terms of the cost of software, the cost of training the employee, and hiring people who are well-versed with the latest software. The free hitech billing software requires only basic accounting skills and help you build a trusted team that ensures your money is in safe hands.

Offline billing is the ideal way to take your business forward if you wish to protect the reputation, integrity, and operations of your organization. It allows you to choose the financial matters in your hands without any virtual dependency, which can ditch you the moment there is any technical glitch. Sticking to old school ways is sometimes the best thing we can do to preserve our businesses and keep them growing the same way.

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